PSB ATM Block, How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Card, PSB Debit Card Block Number

How to Block Your Punjab and Sind Bank ATM or Debit Card In the event that your Punjab and Sind Bank ATM or Debit card is stolen or lost, the cardholder must immediately Block or Hotlist it to prevent misuse and protect themselves. Customers can block their PSB card by following the steps listed below. The bank provides multiple options for blocking their Punjab and Sind Bank cards.

PSB Bank ATM Block

How to Block Your Punjab and Sind Bank ATM/Debit Card To block your Punjab and Sind Bank ATM card, send an email to 9223815844 from your registered Punjab and Sind Bank mobile number with the message “LOST space> Last 4 Digits of Card” (for example, “LOST 5126).”

PSB ATM Block Number

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your last 4 digit card then you can utilize this organization to obstruct your PSB bank atm card type in message LOST 14 digits of your record number (eg: LOST 123456789XXXXX) and send it to 9223815844 from your Punjab and Sind Bank-registered mobile number.

How to Block an ATM Card Online with Internet Banking and the Mobile Application Punjab and Sind Bank account holders can go to the Debit Card option in the internet banking service. You can sign up for online banking if you do not have access to the internet banking service by going to the bank’s website at

Mobile Applications Customers of Punjab and Sind Bank can block their lost cards by downloading the mobile application.

  • Step 2: obtain the application.
  • Step 2: Utilizing the Customer’s information, access the app.
  • Step 3: Select “Register” on the app or go to the Punjab and Sind Bank website if you don’t know these details.



How to Block an ATM Card at the Punjab and Sind Bank by Going to a Branch If you don’t have access to any of your banking services, you can close your lost card by going to your home branch. To block your Card, either write a complaint to the bank with your address and other account information or fill out the required form at the branch.

Log in to the official website of PSB Bank. at

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