SBI Mini Statement, Get SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

We’ll discuss State Bank of India account holders in this section. If you also have an SBI Bank account, then this article can be helpful for you. Today, we have brought important and useful information for you, and that is how to get mini statements or balance information of your SBI accounts, missed call service, SBI SMS, how to see SBI statements, and can be obtained from online banking while at home.

SBI Mini Statement

How Can I Obtain An Online SBI Mini Statement? This post is for you if you are an SBI client and are wondering “How to receive SBI my account mini statement?” We already covered how to restore your SBI login and password as well as how to unlock your SBI debit card in articles connected to State Bank. In this post, we’ll walk you through the online process for requesting your SBI balance mini statement.

SBI Mini Statement Number 2025

SBI Mini Statement, Get SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

SBI Mini Statement Online Prerequisites

  • Use your SBI ATM Debit Card to get your Mini Statement at an ATM.
  • If you don’t already have one, learn how to apply for a new SBI ATM card with Yono LITE SBI.
  • With the SBI YONO/YONO LITE app, you may view your mini statement.
  • SBI Fast App & SBI Mobile Number Registration: To receive the State Bank Mini Statement through Missed Call and Text
  • To see the transaction history with SBI Online banking, use SBI Net Banking.

Step 1: How to Get an ATM Receipt for an SBI Mini Statement.

  • Go to an SBI ATM location
  • Use your State Bank of India ATM Debit Card to swipe or insert.
  • then choose a language.
  • Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN here.
  • You may quickly generate an SBI ATM PIN online if you’ve forgotten it.
  • then select the “Mini Statement” option on the screen.
  • Choose “KCC/Current/Saving” as your account type now.
  • Afterwards, you will get a printed copy of the SBI MINI Statement, which will include information about your most recent five transactions.

Option 2: Get the SBI Mini Statement Without the Internet (Using SBI Quick App)

  • Download and launch SBI Quick App first.
  • Now choose “Account Services” from the list of options under “Without Login”
  • Now register for the Mini Statement service by clicking the blue “Register” button.
  • You must enter your SBI account number and press the “Submit” button in order to register.
  • Your registered mobile phone will now send an SMS, and you’ll be signed up to get your MINI Statement by missed calls or SMS.
  • Now choose “Call” or “Message” from the options that are listed in front of “Mini Statement.”
  • SBI Missed Call number 9223866666 (Mini statement SBI number) would be displayed on the screen after selecting the “Call” option to obtain an SBI mini statement through missed call.
  • When you contact this SBI mini statement number, it will instantly disconnect and you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with the SBI’s most recent five transactions.
  • Choose the “Message” option if you wish to get your SBI mini statement through SMS.
  • A message window will appear, and an SMS marked “MSTM” will be shown on the screen and sent to the same number as the SBI mini statement, 9223866666.
  • Send this SMS using the “SIM” associated with your registered cell phone.
  • SBI mini statement will thereafter be sent to you through SMS.

Nota: You don’t need to use the SBI Quick App to register an SBI micro statement number for SMS and missed call services. Just text REGspace>Account Number to 09223488888 to register.

Method 3: SBI YONO LITE SBI Mini Statement Checking.

  • Download and finish the SBI YONO SBI registration process (SBI mini statement app)
  • then use your SBI Yono Username and Password to connect into the SBI LITE app.
  • Choose “My Accounts” from the list of alternatives to continue.
  • Next, select “Mini Statement.”
  • The State Bank of India micro statement may be found here.

Way 4: With the Yono SBI App, how do I check my SBI Mini Statement?

  • With your YONO SBI Login and Password, launch the SBI Yono app to see your mini statement.
  • Click “Accounts” now.
  • Then pick the Account from “My Balance” under that (in case of multiple accounts)
  • The screen of your phone will display the SBI small passbook.
  • To print your SBI passbook, you may also use this link’s SBI mini statement pdf download option.

Method 5: Steps to Get SBI Bank Mini statement by Net Banking

  • Enter your SBI Username and Password to log into the SBI Net Banking Portal.
  • If you haven’t signed up for SBI Net Banking, do so first by completing the registration form.
  • You will get an OTP on your SBI-registered mobile number; enter it here.
  • Decide which bank account you wish to view the SBI online mini statement for now.
  • On your screen, the most recent 10 transactions will be displayed.

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