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Visit to download an employee payslip from Treasury Manipur. India’s northeastern state of Manipur is a state. This jewel-encrusted town justifies the modest and lovely terrain. It is renowned for its unadulterated splendour. Over 75% of the population is literate. Agriculture, forestry, cottage industries, and trade are the main drivers of its economy. Manipur offers the widest range of handicraft businesses in India’s northeast and the greatest concentration of artisans.

CMIS Manipur Employee Pay Slip

Pay Slip NameManipur Employee Salary Slip 2024
SubjectDAT Manipur is providing a facility to all government employees to download Online Employee Pay Slips on {online}
CategoryThe last date to get Slips
StateManipur State
ProviderDAT Manipur
DepartmentFinance and Accounts Department of Manipur
An Employee gets the payslips from the official website by any timeAn Employee gets the payslips from the official website at any time
Online Salary Slip Download Weblink

Download the Manipur Employee Pay Slip 2024 from the internet for creating salary slips. The Finance Department of the Government of Manipur has introduced the “online” Pay Slip Generate Information System for use by Manipur State Government workers. Employees must register their mobile number with the Office of Treasury and Accounts Manipur to use the SMS service for SMS alerts about salary information. The employee must access the Worker Nook website and input their username and password in the appropriate fields to provide information for their pay slip.

Manipur Employee Compensation Slip is a PDF document created online that includes the employee’s job history and complete compensation information. It is produced through the website for the Manipur Finance Department’s Pay Slip Generate Web Portal. Suppose an employee does not have a salary slip created. In that case, they may physically go to the DDO (DRAWING AND DISBURSING OFFICER) office and obtain their payslip or invoices during business hours on visiting days.

Manipur Government Teacher Salary Slip 2024, Manipur Employee Salary Slip 2024: By entering their login information, Manipur teachers may also get their monthly and annual pay slips from this Manipur payslip online service. This information will help you obtain pay Slips. Our team has provided instructions regarding how to download Manipur Employee Salary Slip from Sikkim DAT online application platform. We have also included the official online address for the DAT Manipur Portal, which allows immediate access to the payslip statements.

How can I get a 2024 Manipur Employee Salary Slip?

  • Go to to access the DAT Manipur website.
  • After that, enter your login information and press the login button.
  • A online application for Employee, Payee, and Pension Self Service will appear.
  • As an employee, you may now select an employee from a drop-down list.
  • Select the file for the pay Slip from the Salary Statements area. You must download your pay Slip to your smartphone.
  • On this website, you may see the last three months’ pay Slips, the previous six months’ pay Slips, or a specific month’s pay Slip.

Note: PaySlips are available offline if the DAT website does not create “online” pay slips. You must contact your DDO at your block office with the blank pay slip. With the aid of the pay bill register, your bill manager will fill out all the critical information there. After the play slip, your DDO will sign.

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