Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024, Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download

In the country’s northwestern region, in the Mizoram state of India, you may get your 2024 employee payslips at dat.mizoram.gov.in. The Mizo people live in Mizoram. It is renowned for its lush bamboo jungles and perpetually green slopes. The agricultural, horticulture, forestry, industrial, mining, and tourist industries constitute the foundation of the Mizoram economy. The fact that Mizoram ranks third in India for literacy, with an estimated 91%, may be cause for great pride.

Mizoram Employee Pay Slip

Download the Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024 for salary slip generation from the website. The Finance Department of the Government of Mizoram has introduced the “online” Pay Slip Generate Information System for staff members of the State Government of Mizoram.

Download Mizoram Employee GPF Slip

Pay Slip NameMizoram Employee Salary Slip 2024
SubjectCCAAT Mizoram is providing facility to all
Govt Employees for download
Online Employee Pay Slips on {online}
CategoryAn Employee gets the payslips
from the official website by any time
StateMizoram State
ProviderCCAAT Mizoram
DepartmentFinance and Accounts Department of Mizoram
The last date to get SlipsAn Employee gets the payslips
from the official website at any time
Online Salary Slip Download Weblinkhttps://dat.mizoram.gov.in/

An employee must register his or her mobile number with the Office of Treasuries and Accounts Mizoram to use the SMS service to get SMS alerts regarding salary information. The employee must visit the Employee Corner website and input their name and password in the corresponding areas to access Pay Slip information.

An online-generated PDF file called a Mizoram employee wage Slip contains information on the employee’s entire wage and employment. It is produced via the Mizoram Finance Department’s Pay Slip Generate Web Portal website.

Employees who have not received their pay slips may obtain them directly from the DDO office during business hours or visiting days.

Employee Salary Slip for Mizoram for 2024: This is a good guide for you on how to obtain the Payslips because our team has provided information about how to acquire the Mizoram Employee Salary slip from Sikkim CCAT online application platform right now. Additionally, we have included the official CCAAD Mizoram Portal website link, which enables immediate access to the pay slip statements.

By entering their login information, Mizoram teachers may also get their monthly and yearly pay stubs from this Mizoram payslip online page.

How can I get a 2024 Mizoram Employee Salary Slip?

  • Go to https://dat.mizoram.gov.in/ to access the CCAAT Mizoram website.
  • After that, enter your login information and press the login button.
  • The Employee, Payee, and Pension Self-Service Net Application
  • As a worker, you may choose an employee from a drop-down list.
  • Select the file for the pay stub from the Salary Statements area. You must download your pay stub to your smartphone.
  • On this website, you may see the last three months’ pay stubs, the previous six months’ pay stubs, or a specific month’s pay stub.

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