PSB Bank KYC Update Form, PSB eKYC Form, PSB Re KYC Update Form, PSB Video KYC 2024

Downloading the PSB KYC Form in PDF format is possible. You may get the PSB KYC Form by visiting the Website shown below in this post. This KYC form may be used by the account holder to finish the KYC procedure for their Current & Savings account with the Punjab & Sind Bank.


PSB BANK USES KYC FORM, If you already have a PSB account, you must complete the KYC form before making any changes to your personal information, such as updating your Aadhar card number or altering your mobile phone number.

PSB Bank KYC Update Form

The KYC form must be picked up in person at the account holder’s neighborhood PSB branch. Also, the form may be downloaded from the website. While completing the form, take care. To complete out the PSB KYC Form and hand it in to the branch, simply follow the instructions listed below.

PSB Bank KYC Update Form, PSB eKYC Form, PSB Re KYC Update Form, PSB Video KYC 2024

Documents Required for The PSB KYC Form Fill Up

  • To complete the PSB KYC form, have the following papers on hand.
  • Number on an Aadhar Card
  • PAN
  • Identity and address documentation (You can Passport Number, Driving License Number, Voter ID Card, NREGA Job Card etc)
  • Email address and mobile number

Punjab & Sind Bank KYC Form Fill Up 2024

  • KYC Form Personal Information Fill Up
  • Add your personal information, such as your name (which must match the Aadhar), parents’ names, guardian names, birthdate, marital status, etc. Enter your occupation, annual income, PAN number, etc. after completing the personal information.
  • Insert your Aadhar Card number and your E-KYC information after that.
  • Next, provide your home address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Once you have filled all the necessary fields on the form and signed it, you may present the signed KYC form to the counter clerk.
  • You can check with the bank a few days later to verify if the KYC data has been updated.
  • The bank must do KYC updates in compliance with the guidelines given by the RBI. In order for the bank to be able to contact us for any changes or if more information has to be conveyed to us, it is also important that our phone number be kept up to date as needed.

Download Punjab and Sind Bank KYC Structure PDF,

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