Assam Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download at CFMS Bihar 

The Assam Employee Pay Slip is a vital record of financial transactions between the company and its employees. Employees may quickly and easily obtain their pay stubs using Here, workers may check their pay-related deductions, allowances, and other information monthly and yearly. Employees may use to stay up-to-date on any salary-related adjustments that may arise due to variables like inflation or promotions.


The Assam Employee Pay Slip is a vital piece of paper that specifies monetary compensation for state government employees in Assam. Pay stubs are available online at, the official webpage of the Finance Department, Government of Assam. The site lets workers check their pay stubs online whenever they choose and promotes openness in all monetary dealings.

Assam Employee Salary Slip

Pay stubs are easily accessible on To access Employee Corner, navigate to the site’s main page. Then, enter your employee code and password to log in. After signing in, head to the Employee Services section and pick “Pay Slip” from the submenu. When you click the link, you’ll go to a new website where you may get your pay report for the month you choose.

Downloading Paystubs for Assam State Employees in the Year 2024

How Assam Employees Can Access Their Paystubs Online provides a straightforward method for state government employees in Assam to obtain their pay stubs electronically. The state of Assam’s finance department created this portal to make wage data more accessible to workers. The interface is intuitive and packed with tools that keep workers abreast of their pay, deductions, and other financial information.

  • Visit and sign up for a new account if this is your first time downloading your Assam employee wage slip.
  • Enter your username and password to access the site if you’ve already signed up.
  • Click the “Employee Login” button on the site and input your credentials.
  • After that, you’ll arrive at your dashboard, where you may see your pay stubs, tax returns, leave balance, and more.

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