CBI Bank ATM Block, How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

How to Block an ATM Debit Card from Central Bank of India, It is crucial to disable your card if it is stolen or lost in order to avoid fraudulent activity and phishing. Customers of Central Bank can quickly restrict their ATM debit cards by contacting the bank via internet banking, SMS service, or by calling customer service.

Central Bank of India Debit Card & ATM Block

Methods for blocking a Central Bank of India debit card by SMS, Customers have three options for blocking their debit cards through the SMS facility, as was already mentioned in the introduction: they can either block their default debit card associated with the registered mobile number, block a specific debit card held by Central Bank of India, or block all of their debit cards held by Central Bank of India. The consumer can proceed with the procedure of disabling their debit card using the SMS feature as long as they have registered their cell number with Central Bank of India.

How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

Customers must first Text the number mentioned below to start the procedure before selecting one of the choices below:

  • The Central Bank of India client must send an SMS in the following manner to 9967533228: LOST
  • Following that, the consumer can choose from the choices below to ban his or her debit card(s).

Option 1: Block any credit cards connected to the registered cellphone number.

The user only needs to SMS the code LOST to +919967533228 to use this facility. If the user cannot recall their specific debit card number, they can select this option.

Option 2: Hotlisting just a certain debit card

The consumer must text the word “LOST” to the number 919967533228 in order to use this option.

  • Only the specific card number you gave will be prohibited in this situation. The bank will reject the request and send a message indicating it if there is a difference between the card number and the registered cellphone number.

The third choice is to disable all debit cards linked to the customer’s account.

  • All of the debit cards associated with the account may be disabled by the user via:

LOST If a client has linked their registered mobile number to their debit cards, then all of their debit cards will be put to a hotlist. To accomplish this, the client needs send an SMS with the subject LOST to +919967533228.

Procedures for blocking a Central Bank of India debit card through customer service

Customers of the Central Bank of India can block their debit card by phoning or emailing customer support if they do not have access to the bank’s mobile app or internet banking account, or if they find the SMS service to be too time-consuming. Call one of the numbers given below to disable your debit card as a customer:

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