eSalary Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download Intra Haryana Login login, Salary Slip, GPF Statement 2024 Details of the GPF Statement: All Haryana government employees in many state government services can utilize the Intra Haryana user-friendly platform. This portal lets government workers examine their wage stubs, service book, pension, GPF, bio-data, etc.

If you work for a Haryana government agency and want to learn more about this online portal, we can help you with every aspect and improve your experience!

How Do I Register for the Intra Haryana Portal?

The portal requires employee registration to utilize its services. Register your name on IntraHaryana by following these steps.

  • Visit on your PC or smartphone.
  • Click “New Registration” on the login screen to begin the registration procedure.
  • Enter personal information such as Employee type, PayeeCode, or Salary Bank Account No. on the redirected page. After entering all the information, click “Submit.”

After clicking Submit, a drop-down menu offers two options: Show Mobile No from HRMS and Show Mobile No. from W-Salary. Select any opportunity to acquire an OTP and register.

  • Submit your selection and receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. In the absence of an OTP, click “Regenerate OTP”. OTPs last 10 seconds.
  • Correctly enter the OTP in the required field.
  • A new page will appear after OTP verification. Set a strong HRMS portal password here.
  • Enter the password and click the “Confirm” tab.
  • Upon portal registration, users will receive a confirmation message stating, “User registered successfully.”

Intra Haryana e-salary slip download?

Pay is crucial for employees. Intra-Haryana makes downloading e-salary slips easy for government workers. Salary department visits are unnecessary.

Steps to download the e-salary slip from the portal:

  • Head to their official website.
  • Enter correct login information.
  • Employee profile page appears.
  • Find the e-salary services option.
  • Select the option to get a drop-down menu with Salary Slip and Annual Salary options.
  • Select the relevant option.
  • The screen will provide salary data with the corresponding selection.
  • Review the information and select the “Download” option.

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